Full-service Product Development Partner

Digital solutions of any scale, complexity, and purpose.

Who we are

j:Mind.Systems is a product-centric company. We are a team of professionals from all sorts of backgrounds, that wishes to bring meaningful and ambitious ideas to life. And have fun while doing so.

Thanks to a mix of diverse technical expertise, effective business analysis and a comprehensive portfolio of satisfied clients, we can embody any idea and deliver it to a market as a working product.

Regardless of the challenge, we got both the capabilities and skills.

What we can do for you

Even though we primarily focus on full-cycle development, our team is ready to design a product that’s tailored to your current business objectives.

After all, sometimes you might not need to build stuff from scratch.

and Strategy

Systems analysis, business intelligence, research, target audience, main interaction scenarios and so on. Our strategy unit is equipped with all the necessary data tools and skills to sharpen your strategic vision.

Product Design

Design matters. It’s also an indispensable part of any successful business. That’s why our team will create and test prototypes, craft the design and then prepare technical specifications, main technical milestones, and deliverables.

Digital Product Development

Everything you can imagine development-wise: documentation, front-end/back-end, QA, operation, maintenance, and much more. Our technology stack covers software, web and mobile development. In turn, the team is well-versed in what tech has to offer.

Product launch

When it comes to launching a product there is a lot to consider. We customize a go-to-market plan based on your objectives, develop sales model and plan the delivery of product to the market. The victory takes careful planning.



Node JS




.NET (C#, Entity, WCF)

.Net Core / ASP .NET MVC

AWS services






React JS

Opencart (eCommerce platform)

Mobile App

Java (Android)

Objective C (iOS)

Swift (iOS)


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