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JMind principles and benefits

JMind is more than just a dream job. It is a place where your creative ideas are born and realized, and you are heard and respected not only as a specialist but also as a person

Our principles

Our team members are different in their views, habits, and work approaches, but our values unite us. They are our guiding light that leads us in our everyday work

Life happens :)

It doesn't matter to us whether you come to the office, decide to work from your bed or a cozy café halfway across the country. We strongly value results – but also each employee. We are all human, with our circumstances, personal lives, and need for balance. Need to leave early, take some time off or a vacation? Just say it!

Personal development benefit
Personal development

We don't limit ourselves to just perfection of skills – individual development of each employee is also crucially important. Everyone has their own path, and this also applies to training – each employee is interested in their own courses, certifications and conferences. We want to help our teammates spread their wings, as each of us has enormous potential!

Collective power benefits
Collective power

A collective mind is our team's specialty, as each member is able to impact the company's processes, product creation, and global development. We value initiative and creativity, encourage fresh perspectives, and support interesting ideas

Crazy enthusiasts benefits
Crazy enthusiasm

We managed to build a team of like-minded people who really like what they do. We put all our heart into our projects because great results and new challenges energize us. We are confident that the most dreamlike, creative, and efficient solutions are born only within a team of slightly crazy and reckless enthusiasts

Open processes

We work within a flat structure to avoid complicated bureaucratic processes and strictly hierarchical decision making. We don't hide from problems – we solve them. Each of us learns from our mistakes rather than looking for someone to blame. We advocate transparency and openness in our communication and work

Mutual growth

We understand how important it is to grow in balance. That's why we develop not only hard skills, but also leadership and soft skills and, of course, our English. Besides, we continuously share our knowledge and are always open to exciting discussions helping us evolve together


We care, inspire and support!

When you join the JMind team, you get access to a variety of programs, mentor support, and various corporate extras


Recreation is a part of life

We want our time with the company to be not only productive, but also filled with unforgettable moments. As the saying goes, "So that we have something to tell our children!

And we have:

• Active recreation. From time to time we go hiking, play volleyball or paintball, and on weekends we enjoy bike trips!

• Board games. Thursday game nights with snacks and great company is our particular passion!

• Unusual parties. How about a pajama party or a Star Wars Day celebration? They say St. Patrick's Day is not a Ukrainian holiday, but that's enough for our team to have a great time together!

And we are always open to new suggestions and fun ideas!


Leadership program

Not a tail, but a tale question: What distinguishes a leader from a boss?

They say that the leader is the player with 80 lvl and HP on par with the boss. But they also have peers (an army) who trust them and will reduce the boss' HP in a second.

Interesting game allegory, which is also true to life.

Every teammate at JMind understands this difference because we continuously upgrade our players' leadership skillsets and deepen their knowledge and practice in time management, delegation, motivation, goal setting, and effective communication.

In 3 months, our leadership program helps build successful team relationships, improve efficiency, and get the "keys" to passing all stages of growth.

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Early bird or night owl?

An early bird or a strange night owl? Office and sweets or remote work and homemade breakfast? Coffee at the Teatralna station or English tea on the couch?

We at JMind understand the difficulty of choice and the team's needs because we are human too, and sometimes we are early risers and start the day at 8:00, and sometimes at 10:00, lying on the couch at home.

We stand for flexibility, comfort, and efficiency because people come first. Of course, our office is open 24/7 and has everything we need, and our office ladies are always waiting for guests.

And what to choose, to go to the office or not, is your decision if some working moments do not require your presence offline.

The main rule is to be present at all team meetings and not slow down the work process, even lying on the couch! ;)

english courses jmind

English courses

Of course, English is a part of our daily communication. But if you are a great expert in your field and your English skills are not at the native level, it will not be a barrier to our cooperation!

We do not promise that you will speak English like Shakespeare.

Still, we promise that with our 4-month courses, you will improve your pronunciation, understand other people, expand your vocabulary and dive into the world of English for Scrum and digital, and learn the world of English idioms.

All our teachers have a practical background in IT, prestigious certificates, and a sense of humor, of course. So join the team and let's improve your English together!

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Welcome baby

The birth of a child is a real challenge for young parents.

The birth of a child is a real challenge for young parents. We understand this and support them with a special Baby care program — 4 months of paid maternity leave for mothers with the possibility to continue working on a flexible schedule.

And guarantee with pleasant surprises for young fathers!

Life Long Learning benefits

Life-Long Learning

Maybe you're a junior who's just starting out, or perhaps you're already a hardcore senior who's seen and heard a lot.

But if you join our team, we'll make sure to take care of your personal development plan, how you see it, and how your lead sees it.

From your first day, we'll help you with professional onboarding, mentoring and give you access to the company's entire training base.


Team trainings

A corporate training session at 6:00 p.m. is a nightmare for any IT employee. 6:01 p.m. — a pause, everyone puts the status "sick," "sick kitty," "forever offline," or just mute the chat. That's the end of corporate training advocacy.

This is probably familiar to many people.

But we have great news!

We have forgotten about the "sick kitty" problem, and even more: our teammates are happy to participate in the training sessions and choose the topics for professional development and discussion.

Of course, from time to time, we invite professional speakers who can help us cover the team's needs. And we always keep in mind the work-life balance and conduct any training activities exclusively during working hours.

See you at JMind!

We are waiting for you to join our team!

We are hiring!

We always have a lot of relevant and interesting positions in different areas and levels

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Senior Android Developer (Blend Social)

We’re looking for Senior Android Developer who has a real passion for building great products, so please get in touch if the following sounds like you.

Senior Android Developer (Blend Social)
Junior/Middle Golang Developer

We have an advanced solution for data center remote configuration and large GPU and ASIC infrastructure management.

Junior/Middle Golang Developer
Middle DevOps Engineer

We have an advanced solution for data center remote configuration and large GPU and ASIC infrastructure management.

Middle DevOps Engineer

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