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Retail & eCommerce platform

Retail & eCommerce platform is a complex web and mobile solution for an international retail network of luxury and beauty brands based in Asia

Project overview

We are developing a complex solution for an international retail & eCommerce network of luxury and beauty brands – a web platform with mobile adaptation.

Its purpose is to improve communication between designers and retailers, provide detailed sales and inventory analytics, and make the relationship between the network and its partners transparent.

The platform should provide new business opportunities for both the client and the designers, with whom it collaborates.

• Benefits for the client – detailed sales and inventory analytics, partner management, and forecasting based on real-time data;

• Benefits for designers – digital interaction with the retail and eCommerce network, as well as comprehensive personalized analytics

Retail and eCom network


International retail & eCommerce leader for luxury and beauty brands

Project year2020

Operated countries




Online payments per day




Potential consumers

Project details

We describe each company case in detail, because details matter to us

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Key challenges

To develop a high-end integrated platform with mobile adaptation for an Asian retail and eCommerce brand, which succeeded in beauty and luxury – what could one offer such a company?

Only to improve what it already has. We see the following main objectives in this project:

• Attract more designers and brands to the client's network

• Reduce operational costs and workload

• Increase sales through detailed analytics and demand forecasting

• Set up centralized document management and storage systems

• Reduce disputes between the client and its partners

• Increase the client's transparency


Key features

Basic futures:

• Database with information and analytics on available and sold items (e.g. location, buyer, trends, insights)

• Dashboard with aggregated analytics on market performance and insights customly arranged in one place

• Hypersegmented data cuts, channel sales dynamics

• Communication with designers and cooperation management

• Salesforce integration


• Stocks replenishment

• Product / designer performance

• Supply / demand dynamics and insights

• Changing trends

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Advanced features

Our main advanced feature is the prediction engine based on items’ sales performance (e.g. volume, cost, likes, views), their parameters (e.g., category, style, color, fabrics), customer demographics, supply and demand dynamics and similar items

• Trend prediction

• Brand/designer success prediction

• Each item success prediction

• Sales and delivery analytics and predictions

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