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Infinite is the white-label OTT platform that provides livestreaming and video solutions. It covers even more than you expect: market research, full-cycle product development, monetization options, competitive pricing, support & the ever best service

Video experience and infinitely more

We are passionate about helping business spread live contents all over the world.

That's why we created Infinite, which became our particular source of pride. This white-label solution provides an entirely new experience of livestreaming and VOD services.

It offers both engaging features for your viewers and advanced controls for your business. Moreover, its multi-service architecture provides endless custom configuration options

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Basic features

• Content sharing through livestreaming and VOD

• Audience engagement and interaction: live chatting, comments, animated stickers, emoji, colored messages

• Content monetization: built-in ads (native banners, pre/mid/ post rolls) and virtual goods that can be bought with virtual currency

• Convenient admin panel: content management, monetization control, advanced analytics, user management and support

• Custom setup: a standalone product or integration with the existing ecosystem

Infinite benefits

Custom branded apps
Multi-service architecture
Suitable livestream latency
Reliable infrastructure providers
Support 24/7Support 24/7
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Infinite business value

• Cost and time optimization

• Customized solution & seamless integration

• Industry expertise and trend awareness

• Additional source of revenue

• Supplementary PR tools for your brand

• Audience engagement and expansion

Unique solutions for various industries

Infinite is suitable for companies in various domains

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Visit the Infinite website!

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Visit the Infinite website!


Feedback from our clients and stakeholders is extremely important and valuable to us


Oleh Humeniuk

We wanted to create our own product with eSports events for the Chinese market, so we could spread our content all over the world.

After researching the companies that provide livestreaming services, we ended up with the Infinite solution from JMind and have never regretted it.

Great communication during the whole process, realization of all our ideas in a professional and creative way! The Infinite team has built an amazing app for us! Now we can broadcast our eSports livestreams even in China!

Our cases

Below you may find our product cases and project ideas

More cases
hero weplay infinite case
WePlay Esports / Infinite

WePlay Esports is one of the Infinite cases for esports that provides live-streaming and VOD services and is fully adapted for China

WePlay Esports / Infinite

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